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17th September 2023

We would like to give you a glance inside of what has happened in the last weeks in the Sternschnuppen group: After the first few weeks, all the children have familiarized with their new daily routine. That means for the children to say goodbye in the morning to their mother or father and also to be open minded to try new things. The children are still in the orientation phase but slowly they discover their new friends and teachers, they try out new things, play, color, build, cook, drive by bus, observe, play family, discover their new surrounding and all that our little discoverer invent.

For us it is important that every child feels comfortable because this is the only way that the child can settle in his/her new environment and become confident. Especially for the new Baby/ Sternschnuppen children, this is a very intensive time. Gently we started with our first topic "Daily routine", which helped them to settle. We asked the children to participate in essential things of the daily routine, such as to put on shoes and take them off, to wash hands, to take the snack box out from their backpack and to bring the box to the table, to open the snack box, to tidy up, to climb the staircase up and down to the outdoor playground, to throw something into the garbage and much more.