Celebration of the first graders

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09th September 2023

„Welcome, welcome, welcome in our house!“, with this song the children of the elementary school welcomed the new first graders. After long weeks of excitement, the first graders, their families, and the staff of the elementary and preschool gathered in the morning for the cone day ceremony in the exercise room adorned with festive decoration.

The opening of the celebration by our principal Mr. van Neerven was followed by a cheerful program of singing, dancing and poetry recitals performed by the children from the second to the fourth grade.
Before the highlight of the celebration, the handing over of the sugar cones, which were made by the third and fourth graders, each child from the new first grade also received a shamrock with good wishes for the start of school from the second graders.
Today's special occasion extended its invitation to not only the first graders but also the newcomers to preschool, who were also given small sugar cones to mark the commencement of their preschool journey.

For the newly enrolled school beginners, their first lesson followed right away. While the parents were invited to coffee and cake, the children were thrilled by the story of Leo the Lion and his first day at school. Although he came to school with a grumbling stomach, it soon turned out that all the Lion kids were already having many skills, just like the children in our new first grade.

Dear school beginners, best wishes for your entry into school life and above all a lot of joy in your рrocess of learning! How wonderful it will be when you can explore the world gradually for yourself!

„Welcome, welcome, welcome to our house! Come into our circle, nobody is excluded!“