Reading night at DSND

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21th December 2022

On Friday, 2nd December 2022 it all started at 6 pm. Everybody got ready and began unpacking their stuff like books, board and other games, sleeping bags, torch lights, pillows and plushies. All in all fifteen kids attended the reading night. The girls slept in the room of class 6 and the boys made camp in the classrooms next door. The classroom of the class 8 which was also used as the reading room was decorated with fairy lights and colourful cloths. After some time at around 8 pm we had pizza with a variety of different flavours for dinner. We all ate together in the reading room. After that we got comfortable with our blankets and plushies in the same room. Our principal Mr. van Neerven came to visit us and also listened to Mrs. Tscherpel reading out the book to us “Tim und das Geheimnis von Captain Crow“. Tired from the current school day and the dinner before some students couldn’t keep their eyes open in the semi-dark and cosy atmosphere. After we had listened to the story we went to our rooms and had still a lot of fun until late at night. We ran and played together, went to the “Bewegungsraum” and told us spooky stories. Sadly we soon had to go to “bed”, but many children still stayed up secretly until midnight! The next morning many children had to wake up early because they had to go to a table tennis competition. They got ready and had bread rolls, various spreads and cornflakes for breakfast. Later the other kids ate, helped cleaning up and carried down the luggage. Then it was also time for them to go home. We are looking forward to next year!