A library is truly integral to learning and teaching process. It is a storehouse of knowledge.

The German Embassy School New Delhi is always focused on promoting the important habit of reading among its students and to provide them with a wide range of books according to their age and understanding. The school has two libraries, one in the primary school building and the other in the secondary school.

Our school libraries are home to more than 2000 books and therefore serve as information and reading hubs for our students and teachers. They contain books of various categories such as children’s’ books, youngster’s book, fiction and nonfiction books. Thanks to large book donations by parents and students of DSND the number of books has further increased .

The classes of the primary school have a library period once a week in which the students go and browse through the library to choose books of their choice from the various categories. The teacher accompanies them and gives them suggestions as to which books would be good for them to enhance particular skills according to individual requirement of a student. Our administrative officer is present there to issue the books selected by the students.

The secondary school students can borrow books of their choice from the library during the two dedicated recess slots per week.

Library regularity