Teaching staff schoolyear 2021/22

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Head of the school

Name Position Class Subjects
Ms. Sabine Kulow Principal   German, Physics
Mr. Stefan Heeke Deputy Principal, Secondary School I Coordination   Ethics, English


Group Name Position Language
  Mrs. Carmen Hussain Head of the Kindergarten  
Baby & Shooting stars (6 months to 3 years)      
  Mrs. Nathalie Quadranti-Kim Teacher (German)
  Mrs. Roma Samson Teacher (English)
  Mrs. Hanna Lepcha Child Caretaker (English)
Rainbow group (Kindergarten)      
Sunshine group (Preschool) Mrs Ina Khan Teacher (English)
  Mrs. Babita Bankemper Teacher (English)
  Mrs. Carmen Hussain Teacher (German)
Language support Kindergarten Mrs. Carmen Hussain    

Primary School

Name Position Grade Subjects
Ms. Julia Pradhan Primary school coordinator, Class Teacher E1 Primary school subjects
Ms.Astrid Spangenberg Class Teacher 3 Primary school subjects
Ms. Anne Singh Class teacher 4 Primary school subjects
Ms. Anne Keßler German as foreign language    

Secondary School

Name Position Grade Subjects
Mr. Stefan Heeke Deputy Principal, Secondary School I Coordination    
Mr. Dirk Leidinger Secondary School II Coordination    
Ms. Eva Maria Franz Pedagocical Quality Management (PQM)    
Mr. Marc Mösinger Class Teacher 5 Art, Religion, Geography
Ms. Eva-Maria Franz Class Teacher 6 German, Biology
Ms. Vera Demeyere Class Teacher 7 French, Music
Ms. Kerstin Tscherpel Class Teacher 8 Chemistry, Biology
Mr. Stefan Heeke Class Teacher 9 English, Mathematics, Ethics
Ms. Ulrike Fritzges Class Teacher 10 French, History
Mr. Dirk Leidinger Class Teacher 11 Mathematics, Sports
Ms. Sabine Kulow Class Teacher 12 German, Physics
Ms. Elisabeth Arens-Klein     Mathematics
Mr. Kai Maluck     English, Geography
Mr. Wolfgang Pfälzner     Geography, German
Frau Nora Schomacher     English, History
Herr Christoph Wildfang     Religion