Primary Programme

Grade 1 to 4

Together colorful 

DSND Primary School includes the classes E1 (Classes 1 and 2 are taught together) and Classes 3 and 4. The small school provides students with opportunities to learn and grow together in a secure environment.

The lessons are based on the German education plans, the Thuringian curriculum and the educational standards for schools abroad.

We want to accept all students in their individuality. We educate to a social and tolerant togetherness. Open forms of instruction such as working with the work plan, station work or project learning promote the independence, self-responsibility and creativity of the children at an early stage. According to their strengths and weaknesses, the pupils can be encouraged and challenged by these forms of teaching. The weekly class council promotes democratic cooperation.

The language of instruction in primary school is German. In order to meet the different requirements of German-native speakers and children, for whom German is the second language, the class teacher plans and designs the German lessons together with the Support teacher or the German as a second language teacher.

English is taught in E1 3 hours a week, in the third grade it is 4 hours and in the fourth grade 5 hours. In grade 3 and 4 in some lessons there is a second teacher in class to support the pupils.

The elementary school as a link between kindergarten and secondary school prepares the transitions in close cooperation with the preschool and the secondary school. At the end of the fourth grade we organize lessons with secondary school teachers.

Primary School Timetable

Subjects E1 Grade 3 Grade 4  
German 7/8 8 7  
Mathematics 4/5 5 5  
English 3 4 5  
Social Studies 2 3 3  
Physical Education 3* 3 3  
Music 2 2 2  
Art 2 2 2  
Religious Instruction/Ethics 1 1 1  
Indian Studies 1 1 1  
Movement class 1 1 1  
Sum total 26/28 30 30  

School curriculum

The curriculum used in the primary school since 2012/13 was developed by the DSND along the guidelines laid down by the overseas schools for the South East Asian region and the Provinces of Thuringia and Baden/Württemberg.